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Using the CanalIP-UPMC Jussieu wifi network step by step

  • Check the wireless networks that your laptop can detect. You should see at least 2 networks:
    • CanalIP-UPMC and
    • CanalIP-UPMC (TTLS)

Connect to 'CanalIP-UPMC'

  • Try to access any URL in your browser, and you will be automatically redirected to the CanalIP authentication web page
  • Input your wireless ('sans fil') login and password ('mot de passe') in the 'Identifiant annuaire UPMC' and 'Mot de passe' fields, then press the 'Connexion' button
    • If you get some strange errors and you are sure that you have typed your login/password correctly, exit your browser, disconnect from the 'CanalIP-UPMC' network, and start again.
    • Note: you may get an 'authentication failed' type of error message discreetly displayed at the top of the web page where you have to input your login and password, even if you have used the correct login and password... This means that the server used for authenticating your account is temporarily inaccessible. In that case, wait a few minutes, and try connecting again...
    • If you get a page showing "Vous êtes à présent connecté sur le réseau sans fil de l’UPMC !", congratulations!

  • Note: if you want more information about CanalIP, you can go to this link (in French)

  • Depending on the security level you require, you can stop here, or read the following steps (for Windows XP), in order to access the 'CanalIP-UPMC(TTLS)' network (with EAP/TTLS authentication)


Note: the following web pages detail (in French) the steps required to access the TTLS network : here


Mejdi Bouchlaghem - 21/10/15

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